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Infinite Dispossession: David Harvey’s View of Mexico

Translated by Oso Sabio[1] from an article written by Alejandro de Coss[2] in Spanish at Horizontal.mx[3] on 19/05/2015 There are few contemporary social theoreticians more important than English geographer David Harvey[4], and this essay uses some of his main ideas … Continue reading


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Luis Villoro and the Voice of the Caracol

“The next century will belong to indigenous people”, proclaimed Jesuit priest Ricardo Robles, under the shade of the enormous ceiba tree of La Realidad (five years before that Caracol was created). “Their worldview and their values will open the way … Continue reading

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Jesus the Radical

The Latin word radix means “root”, and is where we get the word ‘radical’. The Peasants’ Revolt in England in 1381 showed that people have a boiling point. It showed that the toleration of oppression, corruption, exploitation, and injustice had … Continue reading

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