Writing for a better world

I was an editor and writer at The Canary between 2015 and 2020, producing 901 articles during that time and editing many more. Previously, I wrote a book (and a follow-up introduction book) on the Rojava Revolution.

Rojava: An Alternative

The Rojava Revolution is a progressive, directly democratic experience that emerged amid the chaos of the Syrian Civil War. Developing in the largely-Kurdish areas of northern Syria since 2012, the experience aims to create unity between all ethnic and religious groups in the region. It also advocates the equal participation of women in political processes and defends women’s rights staunchly.

Towards the end of 2014, I began to investigate the historical context of the Rojava Revolution and look at the political philosophy it sought to foster. This process culminated in the publication of the following book:

Rojava: An Alternative to Imperialism, Nationalism, and Islamism in the Middle East

For a summarised version in English, please see here.

For a summarised Spanish version, see here.

For a summarised German version, see here.

For a free pdf copy, please send a tweet to @ososabiouk.

4 Responses to Writing for a better world

  1. don Hirst says:

    The middle east has pretty much been a symbol of a gordian knot most of my life, (as represented by our media of course), but I find myself more and more clueless about the competing elements in the levant and wider areas. help??

    • Oso Sabio says:

      The main elements are the Western bloc and the non-Western bloc but, as you say, it isn’t that black and white. Yes, Western allies like the regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey are definitely not ‘the good guys’, but that does not mean that the regimes not allied with the West (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah) are. The point of the book I have written is to emphasise that we shouldn’t always see the ‘enemy of our enemy’ as our friend. We don’t have to justify repression in Iran or Syria, for example, just because they present an independent front against corporate-backed forces from the West.

      The key point, however, is that Daesh (ISIS) has emerged from the Western bloc (as Wahhabism has been the chosen vehicle for destabilising secular regimes (which often like their independence) in the Muslim World for decades). Therefore, Western policies in the region need to change significantly if Daesh is to be defeated.

      The most progressive mass movement in the region today, meanwhile, is that of Rojava, which has been inspired by the 21st-century ideology of the PKK. While not perfect, this model is the most democratic and secular one in the region.

      That’s a brief summary, anyway. I hope it helps.

  2. Patrick says:

    Hiya, could you forward me a copy of your book in the pdf format please.


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