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My 901 Canary articles (2015-2020)

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Rojava is a friend and ally of Palestine. Israel shouldn’t forget that.

Some apparently pro-Israel commentators have recently spoken about Rojava (positively). But there’s a big problem. They fail to mention the PKK’s longstanding support for (and from) Palestinians, while also failing to mention its criticism of Israel’s alliance with the Turkish state, … Continue reading

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PKK opposition to Zionism (2017 statement from a founding member)

PKK founding member Mustafa Karasu wrote in 2017 (just to make decades of policy totally clear): Since the emergence of the PKK, we have been against Zionism. We compared the genocide of the Kurds in Turkey with Israeli Zionism and … Continue reading

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That time a former UN official called Iraq sanctions ‘genocide’

what is tragic, in addition to the tragedy of Iraq itself, is the fact that the United Nations Security Council member states … are maintaining a program of economic sanctions deliberately, knowingly killing thousands of Iraqis each month. And that … Continue reading

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The EU’s unelected bureaucrats

Early on in Lexit the Movie, the late Tony Benn says: In Europe, all the key positions are appointed, not elected. I’m inclined to trust Benn, and distrust all large, powerful governments. But it seems the above claim requires a … Continue reading

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Israel: world’s only apartheid state today?

That’s certainly what South Africa’s representative told the UN in 2018: VIDEO: South Africa’s rep at the @UN_HRC says Israel is the ‘only state in the world that can be described as an apartheid state’. #UPR29 #HumanRights — Media … Continue reading

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Overview of Syria’s complex war

(Note: the below comes from my previous Canary article here.) My brief summary of the stages of Syria’s complex conflict – with a particular focus on Turkish interference: Very real frustrations with the Assad regime escalated into civil war in 2011. The interference … Continue reading

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Turkey’s role in Syria (arming and supporting extremists)

(Note: the below comes from my previous Canary article here.) As the BBC has noted, Turkey has been a key part of Syria’s ongoing war: The Turkish government has been a staunch critic of Mr Assad since the start of the uprising in … Continue reading

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Is Marco Rubio ‘far-right’?

These links certainly seem to think so: “[He] tacked to the far right in his Senate votes and his rhetoric.” HuffPost “Rubio Turns Hard Right” The Atlantic “Here are seven ways Rubio is far more extreme than other candidates” ThinkProgress … Continue reading

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Palestinian right of return: UN Resolution 194 and Israel’s ethnic nationalism

“refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return … Continue reading

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