Gordon Brown’s Accidental Endorsement of Corbyn

Broke, Bright and British

Gordon Brown, meanwhile, had also made an attempt to influence the contest, claiming in a “50 minute speech at London’s South Bank centre” that there was “one thing worse than having broken hearts” – and that was “powerlessness”. Whilst refusing to comment on who he was going to vote for in the leadership elections, he spoke about how a higher “level of global co-operation” would be needed to respond to “the insecurity created by globalisation”. Then, in an attempt to slander Corbyn without saying his name, he suggested that support for the Iranian bloc, Venezuela, and Russia would leave Britain with “no chance of building a worldwide alliance that could deal with poverty and inequality and climate change and financial instability”. In other words, peaceful dialogue (as proposed by Corbyn) with influential international groups outside the West’s sphere of influence (the main thing that links…

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Independent journalist. Co-founder of Phoenix Media Co-operative. Author of Rojava: An Alternative. Ex-Canary editor and writer (2015-2020). Aka 'Oso Sabio' - see @ososabiouk on Twitter.
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