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Corbyn’s Policy Documents

I do not claim that the whole political establishment and economic status quo would change under Jeremy Corbyn, but I do agree completely that he is the best chance we have (under the current electoral system) of moving towards a … Continue reading

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The Independent’s 16 Reasons Why Corbyn Can Win

“Thirty-five economists have backed his policies as “sensible”” “The majority of people agree with his policy of renationalising the railways” He’s a “staunch believer in democracy” [Blairites] “don’t want him to be leader” “He’s admirable” He’s “against personal attacks” “His … Continue reading


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Corbyn’s Summer Shake-Up (Part One)

The last few weeks have arguably been the most interesting that the Labour Party (and British politics in general) has seen for at least a couple of decades.[1] And, although the profound change which British workers need may still seem … Continue reading

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Creasy & the Deputy Leader Candidates

There isn’t too much to say regarding the candidates for deputy leader. Prospect Magazine, for example, made it very clear that “none of the candidates were among the left-wing rebels who defied the Labour whip to vote against Tory welfare … Continue reading

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The Non-Corbyn Candidates

According to Rachael Ward at the Independent, “neither Burnham, Cooper nor Kendall has shown any evidence that they can command confidence outside the Labour Party”.[1] In a rather spineless way, Larry Elliott says in the Guardian, “Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper … Continue reading

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Corbyn’s Alternative to ‘Austerity-Lite’ Politics

Progressive Taxation, Crackdowns on Corporate Criminals, and Strong Investment Corbyn has campaigned for a “more progressive” tax system, calling for: “Stronger anti-avoidance rules”; “Country-by-country reporting for multinational corporations”; A reform of “small business taxation to tackle avoidance and evasion”; “Proper … Continue reading

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The Betrayal of Yezidis in Iraq

Written by University of Zakho professor Ivan Hasan Murad For decades, the Yezidis have been living alongside Christians and Muslims, with Kurds and Arabs living together peacefully as brothers and sisters. In spite of the religious and ritual differences between … Continue reading

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“They then began to sell us” – A Testimony from the ISIS Massacre of Yezîdîs

“On the day of August 3rd, 2014”, says Amsha Ali Elias Khalty, “we were in Ger Ezer village”. Having seen ISIS terrorists approaching, she remembers, “we ran for three hours until we arrived at Khabazya neighbourhood, which is near Gadala … Continue reading

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“I Stayed with the Corpses” – A Testimony from the ISIS Massacre of Yezîdîs

Sami’s mother, who we will refer to as Khro, speaks about how, “at six o’clock in the morning on August 3, 2014” – the day of the ISIS attack on Şengal – she and others had “left Tal Uzair” (a … Continue reading

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