MEXICO: Violent Present for CNTE from Mancera

The camp-site of the teachers of the CNTE union near the Plaza de la República was cleared on the night of January 5th 2014 – an early present for the Día de los Reyes from Mexico City’s head of government Miguel Ángel Mancera ( @ManceraMiguelMX ). In the act, journalist @gabs_07 was beaten by the police while she was covering the eviction.

Only a small, representative group of the union’s members remained in the Mexican capital, but the vast majority, mostly in Oaxaca, responded immediately to Mancera’s actions. A political rally was held in the southern state, in which the ‘fascist policies’ of the government of the nation and its capital were criticised.

The actions ordered by Mancera, a member of the PRD (Mexico’s so-called ‘Left’, which long ago abandoned any resemblance of a truly left-wing party), have only served to place the final nails into the party’s coffin. People who looked to him, and other members of the PRD, to represent the majority of poor, working people in Mexico are now very aware of how the institutional Left has abandoned those struggling to defend their rights. Many people have already opened their eyes to see how the PRD has sold out and bowed down to the agenda of the PRI and PAN (parties it vehemently opposed in the past). This event simply cements that view even more.

On social media sites like Twitter, and on the streets of Mexico City, people have called Mancera’s actions cowardly and demanded his resignation. The violent eviction of a peaceful camp of protesters (as the CNTE’s was) adds even more fuel to these sentiments. (See #RenunciaMancera @GobiernoDF @POLICIADF )

From 12pm tomorrow, January 6th, there are likely to be protesters in the streets, and the city may also see the arrival of another ten thousand teachers, coming to support their evicted comrades. It is unlikely that the government will gain anything from these actions, and in fact the conflict will probably intensify as a result.

To follow events or show your support, see #FuerzaCNTE #CNTE @SECCIONXXII on twitter, or look at articles in Spanish relating to the event at:–977331.html



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