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The EU’s unelected bureaucrats

Early on in Lexit the Movie, the late Tony Benn says: In Europe, all the key positions are appointed, not elected. I’m inclined to trust Benn, and distrust all large, powerful governments. But it seems the above claim requires a … Continue reading

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Israel: world’s only apartheid state today?

That’s certainly what South Africa’s representative told the UN in 2018: VIDEO: South Africa’s rep at the @UN_HRC says Israel is the ‘only state in the world that can be described as an apartheid state’. #UPR29 #HumanRights — Media … Continue reading

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Overview of Syria’s complex war

(Note: the below comes from my previous Canary article here.) My brief summary of the stages of Syria’s complex conflict – with a particular focus on Turkish interference: Very real frustrations with the Assad regime escalated into civil war in 2011. The interference … Continue reading

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Turkey’s role in Syria (arming and supporting extremists)

(Note: the below comes from my previous Canary article here.) As the BBC has noted, Turkey has been a key part of Syria’s ongoing war: The Turkish government has been a staunch critic of Mr Assad since the start of the uprising in … Continue reading

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