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New posts of mine at The Canary

http://www.thecanary.co/2015/10/22/labour-needs-learn-failure-blairs-war/ http://www.thecanary.co/2015/10/16/private-sector-will-never-solve-housing-crisis/ http://www.thecanary.co/2015/10/19/problem-calling-people-toffs-crusties/ http://www.thecanary.co/2015/10/20/music-always-opened-minds-interview-cabinet-millionaires-producer/

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Corbyn’s Summer Shake-Up (Part One)

The last few weeks have arguably been the most interesting that the Labour Party (and British politics in general) has seen for at least a couple of decades.[1] And, although the profound change which British workers need may still seem … Continue reading

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Creasy & the Deputy Leader Candidates

There isn’t too much to say regarding the candidates for deputy leader. Prospect Magazine, for example, made it very clear that “none of the candidates were among the left-wing rebels who defied the Labour whip to vote against Tory welfare … Continue reading

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Corbyn’s Alternative to ‘Austerity-Lite’ Politics

Progressive Taxation, Crackdowns on Corporate Criminals, and Strong Investment Corbyn has campaigned for a “more progressive” tax system, calling for: “Stronger anti-avoidance rules”; “Country-by-country reporting for multinational corporations”; A reform of “small business taxation to tackle avoidance and evasion”; “Proper … Continue reading

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New Labour Is Right-Wing, but Corbyn Could Change That

Did Ed Miliband lead “a traditional left-wing party” into the 2015 elections? Or is the difference between New Labour and the Conservatives “more about what the parties choose to talk about rather than any great differences in policy”?[1] If we … Continue reading

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The Diversion Tactics of #Budget2015

1) Housing Chaos As a result of George Osborne’s Summer Budget this year, says Paul Waugh at The Huffington Post, “at least 14,000 fewer affordable homes will be built” in the UK. This statistic, from the Office for Budget Responsibility … Continue reading

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Britain’s Plutocracy, and How We Can Fight Against It

Call it what you want: a bourgeois democracy (in which the parties in the service of exploitative economic elites are the most powerful); a kleptocracy (in which “a small group [gets] rich by robbing [citizens] blind”[1] with the compliance of … Continue reading

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Different Shades of Tactical Voting (UK Elections 2015)

The logic behind voting for the anti-Conservative candidate most likely to win an election is understandable in the majority of cases, as anything that slows down the spread of the deadly neoliberal virus clearly seems like something slightly less damaging … Continue reading

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Should Workers Vote in the UK Elections?

I strongly believe that meaningful democracy can only truly be built from below, by cooperation between neighbours and direct, popular control over local resources. In the current electoral system in the UK, citizens basically allow all decisions to be made … Continue reading

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The 2015 Political Debate in the UK

The main issues in the 2015 general elections in the United Kingdom seem to be: the cuts to the government’s social spending under the Tory-LibDem coalition (and whether to continue with them to ‘deal with the deficit’ or to reverse … Continue reading

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