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Coca Production and ‘Progress’ in Bolivia

Doña Silvia, of the Federation of Organic Coca Producers, has to walk for hours and hours on foot through the jungle to reach her coca plantation. Roads, hospitals and schools promised by the government haven’t yet reached her community. Some, … Continue reading

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Understanding of International Politics Based on Objective Historical Analysis

Historical analysis in international relations should not be focussed on the denunciation of certain regimes, but on understanding why tension exists between nations, and what the best ways to deal with such tension are. For, considering American actions in Hiroshima … Continue reading

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No Violence or Hatred Lacks a Cause

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana If the facts of history are not made common knowledge, the citizens of the world, especially those living under imperialist administrations, will likely be more susceptible … Continue reading

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