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The Criminalisation of Autonomous Social Activism

The high security prisons of Mexico are now home to those who demand justice, defend their territory against large neoliberal business projects, and organise their own security in the face of violent organised crime. In Nayarit, for example, Comandanta Nestora … Continue reading

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Mireles: “I Am a Political Prisoner”

Doctor José Manuel Mireles Valverde has received widespread support since his arrest, and people are even shaving their heads as a sign of solidarity. However, he affirms that his refusal to submit to the will of an ineffective and corrupt … Continue reading

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Pain and Rage: The Zapatista Response to Aggression

After the violent attack on the Zapatista community of La Realidad over a week ago, Subcomandante Marcos spoke out in a note entitled “Pain and Rage” on May 8th, 2014. “In the 20th year of the war against oblivion”, the … Continue reading

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