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The Non-Corbyn Candidates

According to Rachael Ward at the Independent, “neither Burnham, Cooper nor Kendall has shown any evidence that they can command confidence outside the Labour Party”.[1] In a rather spineless way, Larry Elliott says in the Guardian, “Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper … Continue reading

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“I Stayed with the Corpses” – A Testimony from the ISIS Massacre of Yezîdîs

Sami’s mother, who we will refer to as Khro, speaks about how, “at six o’clock in the morning on August 3, 2014” – the day of the ISIS attack on Şengal – she and others had “left Tal Uzair” (a … Continue reading

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MEXICO: Nestora Salgado’s Hunger Strike

5/26/15 Political prisoner and indigenous leader Nestora Salgado[1][2][3][4] has now been on hunger strike for 21 days. She is demanding to be released, and is also protesting the failure of the Mexican government to transfer her to a facility in … Continue reading

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Rojava’s Communes and Councils

Originally posted on Standforrojava:
On Saturday, December 6, the Academic Delegation to Rojava met in Qamişlo with two representatives of Tev-dem, the Movement for a Democratic Society. Abdulkerim Omar and Çınar Salih first gave us some background to Rojava’s thinking about the state…

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Resources on the Rojava revolution in West Kurdistan (Syria)

Originally posted on Standforrojava: The heroic defence of Kobane against Isis brought the attention of many of us to the experiment in Democratic Autonomy said to be running in the region and in a North Kurdistan (Turkey).  It’s a…

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YPG Commander: Our Victory Is The Beginning Of The End For ISIS

Originally posted on The Rojava Report:
YPG/YPJ commanders and the canton administration have held a press conference to mark the liberation of Kobanê from ISIS forces, according to an article appearing in Özgür Gündem. YPG Kobanê commander Mahmut Berxwedan addressed…

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Kobani liberated! Kurdish forces push ISIS out of town

Originally posted on WORDVIRUS:
By Joris Leverink On January 26, 2015 ? After 134 days of resistance, the Kurdish forces of the YPG/YPJ have finally pushed IS out of Kobani. While the battle is won, the struggle continues. Today, the…

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IMF Policies Blamed for Rapid Ebola Spread in West Africa

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De Ayotzinapa a Xochicuautla; participación de los padres de familia durante la inauguración del 1er festival mundial de las resistencias y las rebeldías vs el capitalismo

Carolina BT Los familiares y compañeros de los ausentes de Ayotzinapa aceptaron la invitación que el EZLN les hizo, para participar como invitados de honor en el Festival Mundial de las Resistencias y Rebeldías contra el Capitalismo a celebrarse…

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November 2014 Zapatista News Summary

Originally posted on dorset chiapas solidarity:
? November 2014 Zapatista News Summary ? In Chiapas 1. Ayotzinapa Caravan Meets with EZLN in Oventik –  On November 15, the Caravan of relatives and compañer@s of the murdered and disappeared Ayotzinapa students…

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