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The Daily Fail on Cuba

The Daily Mail demonstrated once again the severe lack of depth of its reporting on 20 March when US President Barack Obama began his historic visit to Cuba. The paper called Raúl Castro the son of Fidel Castro, no doubt leaving … Continue reading

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Resistance Is Fertile

Resistance Is Fertile A collection of political poetry. The poems in this book speak about the social and economic conditions in today’s world (and yesterday’s). They are dedicated to the exploited of our planet and to those who seek to … Continue reading

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No Violence or Hatred Lacks a Cause

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana If the facts of history are not made common knowledge, the citizens of the world, especially those living under imperialist administrations, will likely be more susceptible … Continue reading

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CUBA: Los Aldeanos – ‘Aldito El Gusanito’ (Letra) Yo fuera un gusano                si me aprovechara De un supuesto puesto          y a mi pueblo le robara Si reprimiera y callara              a toda una generación Y le cortara de raíz                  las alas a su imaginación Yo fuera un gusano                … Continue reading

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