Index for “Rojava: An Alternative”



Part One: Imperialism and Nationalism

Chapter 1 –    The Muslim World after the Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Chapter 2 –    Nasser and the Corruption of Civic Arab Nationalism

Chapter 3 –    Ba’athism and Ethnic Arab Nationalism

Chapter 4 –    The Kurdish Question


Part Two: Imperialism and Islamism

Chapter 5 –    Imperialism and the Islamist Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Chapter 6 –    The 21st Century Imperialist Assault on the Middle East

Chapter 7 –    Islamism, Wahhabism, and Daesh


Part Three: A Left-Wing Alternative

Chapter 8 –    The Left-Wing Divided on the Syrian Civil War

Chapter 9 –   The Renewal of the PKK in Turkey

Chapter 10 – The Example of Rojava

Chapter 11 – Rojava, Daesh, and the Battle for Humanity

Chapter 12 – The Five-Way Battle for Kobanî




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Independent author and poet writing about the Rojava Revolution, the autonomous Zapatista communities in Chiapas, and other examples of libertarian socialist and anti-capitalist resistance. Catch me on Twitter at @ososabiouk. Also known as Ed Sykes and Marcos Villa.
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