Corbyn’s Summer Shake-Up (Part 4)

Broke, Bright and British

The Unstoppable Shift towards Progressive Politics

Part 1 – A Political Defence of Corbyn

Following on from my outlining of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies and my summary of the media and political attacks directed against him in the corporate media, I will look a brief look below at the political support the leadership frontrunner has received from both colleagues and experts.

Economic Backing

First of all, and perhaps most importantly given the current economic climate, I will summarise the support Corbyn has received from economists:

  • Open University economics lecturer Alan Shipman has insisted that Corbynomics is “shockingly reasonable” and “hardly controversial”. Making the case for public investment, he claimed that such monetary injections into the economy usually “match or exceed those of most private projects”, suggesting they would be necessary in a country which had seen its “longest fall in real wages for more than a…

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About Oso Sabio

Independent author and poet writing about the Rojava Revolution, the autonomous Zapatista communities in Chiapas, and other examples of libertarian socialist and anti-capitalist resistance. Catch me on Twitter at @ososabiouk. Also known as Ed Sykes and Marcos Villa.
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