Corbyn’s Summer Shake-Up (Part 3)

Broke, Bright and British

The Inevitable Reactionary Response from…

2) …the Media Establishment

The attacks on Corbyn did not only come from the political establishment, however. In a land of millionaire media barons, the leadership frontrunner was always going to come under increasing pressure and scrutiny from the press. Just like the political assault, however, the media would provide desperate arguments with little foundation in reality. Below, I will take a look at how this war almost became a parody of itself.

A) Desperation and Defamation

The Telegraph, with its dwindling sales and ageing readership, was perhaps the most vocal opponent of Corbyn (though The Daily Mail followed closely behind). The paper argued on August 8, for example, that “Labour’s biggest individual donors” would “stop giving money” to the party if Corbyn became leader. Repeating over and over again the phrase “hard-left” in its coverage (in spite of Corbyn’s moderate policies), it…

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Independent journalist. Co-founder of Phoenix Media Co-operative. Author of Rojava: An Alternative. Ex-Canary editor and writer (2015-2020). Aka 'Oso Sabio' - see @ososabiouk on Twitter.
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