The Israel Lobby’s Attacks on Corbyn

Broke, Bright and British

David Cronin at Electronic Intifada spoke on August 5 about how the “amoral” Israel lobby within the Labour Party (Labour Friends of Israel (LFI)) has undertaken analysis that is both “deceitful and dangerous”. As a group that still speaks of Tony Blair “in reverential tones” and has a “strong overlap [with] Blairite “think-tank” Progress”, LFI’s director Jennifer Gerber has claimed that, since 2010, the Labour leadership has shown a “certain carelessness” towards Jews in Britain. She called the response to the 2014 invasion of Gaza, for example, “one-sided with little empathy with the fears of ordinary Israelis”. For Cronin, this was “simply not true”, as Ed Miliband’s words came in the form of “timid criticisms of Israel with repeated references to “both sides”” (erroneously suggesting “some kind of parity” in the conflict). Furthermore, Gerber implied with her words that defending Israel and its crimes was somehow…

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