Prospect’s ‘Expert’ Opinions on Corbyn

Broke, Bright and British

An “expert panel” at Prospect, meanwhile, composed of people with little sympathy for Corbyn, tried their best to discredit the leadership candidate. His “robust rebuttal of George Osborne’s economic strategy”, for example, was called “pure soapbox” and “economic amateurism” by UBS senior advisor George Magnus. Without backing his claims up with evidence, Magnus argued that Corbyn’s set of policies “lacks credibility and is dangerously inexpert”, calling it a “tax fantasy”. For Schools Week editor Laura McInerney, Corbyn’s promise of “Free lifelong education” was “noble, but naïve”, as the

“corporation tax hike” it would require “may push businesses overseas”.

In the opinion of Inside Housing Executive Editor Nick Duxbury, Corbyn’s plan to “bring down house prices” was “sensible, albeit electorally toxic”, because “homeowning turkeys [wouldn’t] vote for a Christmas of negative equity, and the demographic of younger, priced out renters rarely…

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