Desperation & Defamation: The Corporate Media’s Assault on Corbyn

Broke, Bright and British

On August 8, the Telegraph sought to scare Labour voters by proclaiming that “Labour’s biggest individual donors” would “stop giving money” to the party if Corbyn were to become leader. Referring to him as a “hard-Left candidate” (a term routinely used by the paper during the campaign), Ben Riley-Smith spoke of how multi-millionaire Assem Allam (owner of Hull City) thought a shift leftwards was somehow ignoring the electorate’s supposed rejection of left-wing policies (in spite of the massive surge for the SNP and the Greens which resulted from their clear anti-austerity stance). “The nation says no to left-wing Labour”, he said, suggesting that Ed Miliband had failed to win votes because he was too far to the left rather than too far to the right. Riley-Smith then explained how “insurance mogul” Richard Brindle had called Corbyn’s policies “economically illiterate”, saying it was “not…

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