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Why Kobanî Did Not Fall (By Dilar Dirik)

(Note: I’m fairly sure that the wonderful Dilar Dirik would not have a problem with me sharing this article. If she did, I would be happy to take it down.) “One year ago, today, Kobanî declared itself as an autonomous … Continue reading

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YPG Commander: Our Victory Is The Beginning Of The End For ISIS

Originally posted on The Rojava Report:
YPG/YPJ commanders and the canton administration have held a press conference to mark the liberation of Kobanê from ISIS forces, according to an article appearing in Özgür Gündem. YPG Kobanê commander Mahmut Berxwedan addressed…

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Kobani liberated! Kurdish forces push ISIS out of town

Originally posted on WORDVIRUS:
By Joris Leverink On January 26, 2015 ? After 134 days of resistance, the Kurdish forces of the YPG/YPJ have finally pushed IS out of Kobani. While the battle is won, the struggle continues. Today, the…

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