MEXICO: Ayotzinapa & Revolution

In Mexico in 1910, a revolt was called for November 20th against the government of Porfirio Díaz (which was in the pockets of national and international economic elites).

Today’s government, which is not much different, has not been able to celebrate the Mexican Revolution in the country’s capital because of a mass protest against its corrupt, murderous rule. As with the other marches in the last month or so, the vast majority of protesters have shown their dignified rage in a peaceful, united manner. This 20th of November, however, the ‘security forces’ of the government made the decision to clear Mexico City’s main square (the Zócalo) by force – bringing to mind the attempts made by Porfirio Diaz to prevent revolutionaries from overthrowing his regime over a hundred years ago.

The more the Bad Government provokes the People, though, the more the it digs its own grave…

For more on Ayotzinapa and the movement it has inspired, see [1] [2] [3] and [4].

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    “The more the Bad Government provokes the People, though, the more the it digs its own grave…”nice barb from original post.

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