October 10th in Kobanê (Poem)

Fascist forces’ objectives,

Civilian homes,

As they roam through the streets,

Passing rubble and bones,

It’s disturbing and messy,

Indescribably foul,

Debris covering faces,

Which lie on the ground,

Though their arms are much better,

Our spirits our high,

So we’ll fight for humanity,

For that fight we’ll die,

We’ll defend human dignity,

Right to the last,

And confine ISIS gangs,

To their place (in the past)!

Although injured, we’ll limp,

To defeat their attacks,

And no words will do justice,

As our heroes fight back,

“Heval”, comrade, I’m with you,

We’ll win or we’ll die,

They cannot break our will,

With their cruelty and lies,

There are lives, many thousands,

We strive to conserve,

Though we urge them to flee,

To avoid getting hurt,

But we’d rather fall here,

Than on streets to the north,

And remain on our feet,

So we’ll keep pushing forth!

Inspired by http://www.newsweek.com/2014/10/24/kobane-diary-four-days-inside-city-keeping-incredible-and-unprecedented-resistance-277509.html



About Oso Sabio

Independent author and poet writing about the Rojava Revolution, the autonomous Zapatista communities in Chiapas, and other examples of libertarian socialist and anti-capitalist resistance. Catch me on Twitter at @ososabiouk. Also known as Ed Sykes and Marcos Villa.
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