“Fenerism”: A World for Rent

Today, the right to property is denied to the majority of humans. The base of the capitalist system lies in the leasing of all types of “goods”, and loans with interest or usury are the greatest exponents. No-one talks about usury nowadays, preferring to speak of ‘interest’, but for centuries usury was prohibited because it was seen as robbery. And at the base of the current economic system, speculation allows the hoarding of all sorts of goods surplus to requirement in order to rent them out to those who do need them. As a result, the fruits of workers’ labour are immediately seized.


There is not an ‘external debt problem’, but one of usury, as countries have already paid all of their debt, and more, but their debt continues to grow. Capitalists do not earn danger money, as if they had risked something and had to pay for it. They simply use abusive interests on loans to enrich themselves with immense speed and no work. Public debt is a problem of usury, with a payment of interests that demands more and more sacrifices. 20,000 Euros of public debt, for example, fall upon each Spanish citizen. Housing speculation, meanwhile, means that millions of families either have no accommodation or are subjected to the yoke of eternal debt and rent payments. In Spain alone, 212 mortgages were taken out each day in 2012.


Capitalism has dispossessed the majority of humanity of the right to property, concentrating that right in the hands of the few. The human race is currently divided between a minority which owns everything and a majority which has been dispossessed of everything. In the name of liberalism, the economic freedom of humans to develop the potential they were born with is being denied. And the laws that are passed simply underpin this seizure of power by the “more fortunate”, hindering the access of the economically weak to financial freedom in the process.


Loans with interest and all types of rent represent a perpetual servitude of the economically weak to the economically strong. Money does not produce wealth. Only work generates wealth. And an economic system that is based on rent divides humanity into investors (those who do little work) and non-investors (those who do most of the work). It degrades work, and even leads – at its point of greatest perversity – to child slavery.


Guillermo Rovirosa, a promoter of Christian activism of and for the poor, called the aforementioned system ‘Fenerism’, based on the Greek ‘fenus’ – or interest. Sixty years ago, he affirmed that it was necessary to maintain free service at the heart of the economy. According to Rovirosa, only service and collaboration, along with the elimination of interest and usury, could respond effectively to the hunger, slavery, and oppression within the world.


Translation by Oso Sabio which will appear at http://www.solidaridad.net/idioma/3/english


About Ed Sykes

Independent journalist. Co-founder of Phoenix Media Co-operative. Author of Rojava: An Alternative. Ex-Canary editor and writer (2015-2020). Aka 'Oso Sabio' - see @ososabiouk on Twitter.
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