ENGLAND: Refuse to Accept the Sun!

This week, on Thursday 12th or Friday 13th of June, a special World Cup edition of the Sun newspaper will be sent to houses throughout England, after the Royal Mail agreed to deliver 22 million copies around the country as part of a World Cup promotion campaign.


The paper has said it will not deliver copies in Liverpool – wherefamilies and friends of those killed in the Hillsborough disaster will never forget the lies and smears released by the Sun after the incident. Nonetheless, in areas of Merseyside which have non-Liverpool postcodes, including Skelmersdale, Royal Mail postal workers have refused to deliver the newspaper, defying their bosses in the process. As their managers have said there is no option but to deliver it, “a good percentage of people” will simply walk out this week. One affirmed that he “felt sick… that [he] would have to handle it”, because he “would be delivering it to people that were at Hillsborough [or] lost a loved one or knew someone that died at Hillsborough”.


There are many other reasons for their refusal, including the paper’s anti-working class, anti-trade union, sexist, racist, and homophobic nature of the paper – which have all been revealed over the last 45 years. Its attitudes towards immigrants, people receiving benefits, and the 25% of us who suffer from mental health problems could also be added to this list. Former Editor Kelvin Mackenzie even admitted that the typical reader the Sun appealed to was a “right old fascist” who “doesn’t want to hear about that stuff [i.e. serious news]”. And other parts of the Rupert Murdoch-owned media (including the disgraced News of the World, the Times, Sky, and Fox) spread the same views, though to varying extents.


Royal Mail spokesperson Sally Hopkins, meanwhile, affirmed that the Sun has fulfilled the criteria necessary to deliver to houses throughout England, saying that “individual concerns will be handled sensitively with fairness, dignity and fully respecting the views of individuals”. So in solidarity with the postal workers, and with all of those who have been insulted or libelled by the Sun and other parts of the Murdoch media, PUT NOTES ON YOUR DOORS TO TELL THOSE DELIVERING THAT YOU DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE THE PAPER. Alternatively, tell your postal worker in person, complain to the Royal Mail, or simply throw the paper back into the street.




Excerpts taken from http://liverpoolclassaction.wordpress.com/2014/06/09/why-we-dont-buy-the-sun/ and http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/mersey-postmen-refuse-join-suns-7235285#.U5Sqx5AXw-s.facebook


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