CNI Calls for Justice for Galeano and End to Anti-Zapatista Aggression

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The National Indigenous Congress (CNI) demanded an end to the war against our Zapatista brothers and sisters, and the punishment of the those responsible for the ambush, on May 2, that killed Jose Luis Solis Lopez, “Galeano”, in the community of La Realidad, Chiapas.

Among numerous protests and expressions of support for the Zapatista communities that have sprung up in a week, this Saturday one was made known that came from different corners of the world, signed by Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Naomi Klein, Immanuel Wallerstein, Ivon Lebot, Kristinn Hrafnsson (WikiLeaks), Manuel Castells, Michael Hardt, Gustavo Esteva, Pierre Beaucage and a hundred others, along with dozens of organizations in Mexico and Europe.

It states that the murder of

“a guardian, a teacher, one of the many voices that are now the voice with which the EZLN speaks and shares with the world that other world that grows in autonomy, is an attack on all of us who continue to learn from the many guardians who continue teaching the face of freedom.

“What can be understood from this paramilitary attack that reached the center of La Realidad, and what did those bullets intend, those blows, that murder? And what did the governments of Manuel Velasco [governor of Chiapas] and Enrique Peña Nieto intend?

“If they are trying to measure how much they can attack and keep attacking, how much they can intensify the war against the Zapatistas, let them know that the world is watching, so that there can’t be another lie in the press about conflict ‘between communities or organizations’, or old versions that the Zapatistas are the aggressors, and all the venom and violence of the powers is released. Against this, rage, rebellion and solidarity will be spilled everywhere.”

Meanwhile, peoples, nations and tribes that make up the CNI repudiated the ambush perpetrated May 2

“by paramilitaries belonging to the Historical Independent Center of Agricultural Workers and Peasants (CIOAC-H), the Green Party of Mexico ( PVEM) [the governor’s party] and the National Action Party (PAN), against EZLN support bases and its commmitte of good governance, Towards Hope,  its caracol [literally, conch shell, used to call indigenous assemblies, name given the regional government council] Mother of the the Caracols of the Sea of Our Dreams.”


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