MEXICO: Federal Judge Orders the Release of Nestora Salgado

The defence lawyer of Nestora Salgado, regional coordinator of Olinalá’s Community Police Force, has just announced the official decision to release her from prison, where she has been held since August last year.


A federal judge revoked the previous decision to imprison Nestora for ‘organised crime in the form of kidnapping’; taking into consideration the fact that Nestora was undertaking her duties as a member of the Community Police Force when she was arrested.


The federal authority’s resolution, which Nestora’s lawyer called ‘transcendental’, cites similar cases – like Cherán, Michoacán – where the population also decided to implement their own system of defence and customs. Moreover, it refers to the legal nature of the actions of the Community Police, as approved by both the Mexican Constitution and Guerrero’s own state laws.


While this ruling is a step forward, there are still many other political prisoners held by the government on false charges simply for defending their community. Political pressure has led to Nestora’s release, and must be maintained until all Mexico’s political prisoners have been released.


Translated and adapted from an article originally published by Los Ángeles Press and reposted at


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