When the Earth Becomes a Commodity

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When the Earth Becomes a Commodity / Cuando la Tierra Se Convierte En Mercancía

The Destruction of the Basis of Life of the Indigenous Peoples in Chiapas, Mexico.

This documentary portrays the threat to the indigenous communities in southern Mexico represented by monoculture, population resettlement projects in so-called “sustainable” rural cities, tourism projects and repression.


NB: The film is mainly in Spanish. It does not yet have English subtitles.

Production: zz-collective – Initiative for research, analysis, and social, ecological and intercultural education.

(Mexico/Germany 2013, 71 minutes)

The pillars of the campesino communities are, to this day, traditional self-organizing, community work and a subsistence economy to provide food. The land, understood as “Mother Earth” in the cosmovision of indigenous peoples, is, however, increasingly coveted by those involved in politics and economics: the common lands are progressively becoming merchandise – as a general rule without prior consultation with the people affected.

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About Oso Sabio

Independent author and poet writing about the Rojava Revolution, the autonomous Zapatista communities in Chiapas, and other examples of libertarian socialist and anti-capitalist resistance. Catch me on Twitter at @ososabiouk. Also known as Ed Sykes and Marcos Villa.
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