Raise in Subway Costs in Mexico City

The raise in subway costs in Mexico City is very clearly a regressive tax.


The subsidy was never a benevolent government gift to the people. It was a service paid for by the tax of Mexican citizens. However, because bankers have been bailed out, corporations subsidised, rich elites allowed to get away with avoiding tax, and politicians overpaid, there is a ‘lack of public money’ for essential services.


In comes the neoliberal school of thought, claiming that greater privatisation is necessary in all spheres, be they education, energy, or transport – three major sources of popular opposition since Peña Nieto assumed power.


The increase in the subway fare is, simply put, an attack on the working population and not on the parasitic elites of society. It is yet another example of the political establishment bowing down to corporate interests and forcing the poor to suffer for a crisis they didn’t create.



About Ed Sykes

Independent journalist. Co-founder of Phoenix Media Co-operative. Author of Rojava: An Alternative. Ex-Canary editor and writer (2015-2020). Aka 'Oso Sabio' - see @ososabiouk on Twitter.
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